A solution that allows any store to operate as a pick up point of an official store and retail sellers in Mercado Libre, allowing consumers to choose a convenient pick up point. Sellers also have multiple pick up point alternatives to offer.


Product sheet visualization from the catalogue of an official store, only for products sold and delivered by the pickup point.


You may inform your stock to optimized delivery management of the official stores without updating pricing list.


Automatic update in Mercado Libre of stock and delivery times for publications in which you participate as an option of pick up point.


Active participation in official stores as pick up points.


Participation in official stores as pick up points as the main activity in the commercial channel.


Optimization of supplying and logistics processes through stock synchronization with brands and wholesale distributors.


Sale analysis of the delivered products always running.

AlephCRM community contemplate that every role inside e-commerce shapes different business scenarios.

Brand with official store and pick up points: brand can design their own e-commerce strategy based on the availability of an official store manage internally or outsourced by an operator including their retail stores as pick up points.

Wholesale distributor connected to one or more retail stores with pick up points: allows wholesale distributors design their own e-commerce strategy based on retail sales through their own stores or the retail stores inside the commercial channel that also works as pick up point.