About AlephCRM

We are an innovative and dynamic company, dedicated to the development of cloud based solutions aimed to the optimization of e-commerce strategy. Through the catalogue standardization, we gather together sellers and official stores inside the internet platform know as Mercado Libre.

Our acknowledgments and abilities

We have trained professionals that are constantly updated with the new and latest trends. Our purpose is developing the best solutions for our clients.

Also, we are strategic business partners of Perception Group, Mercadolibre and Microsoft.

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Why choosing AlephCRM?

AlephCRM is more than an e-commerce tool. We are a community made of brands, distributors, sellers, pick up points, operators and partners.

Benefits for the AlephCRM community members.

Catalogues ready to publish

Gives you the opportunity of having the complete product catalogue in collaboration with the brand: basic information, technical data and images of the product.

Prices and Stock always updated

Automatic update of your stock and prices connecting the whole commercial chain. This is combined with Tango and SAP systems, among others.

PickUp Point

Gives the seller a chance to be and option of pick up in a specific address, rather in an official stores as well as an owner.

Connection with Mercado Libre

Publish all your products automatically and in a massive importation with the chance of editing every product.


Brands and wholesale distributors help optimize logistics taking responsibility for the delivery of the products sell by their own commercial retailers.

Customize reports

Sales, publications and visits for every link in the commercial channel simplifying decision making.

Management of the entire e-commerce regional strategy.

Our solutions


A solution that allows brands to provide a product catalogue with prices and stock always updated and also pick up stores available to connect an official store from Mercado Libre, moreover this solution allows to sync up information for distributors.


This solution permits wholesale distributors provide a product catalogue from brands, manufacturers or even their own, synchronizing stock and prices list with their retailers, allowing the automating their publications in Mercado Libre.

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We are a dynamic and innovative company that specializes in designing technological solutions following the highest quality standards. We are experienced at creating, managing and developing impactful technological solutions for enterprises and organizations.
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