A closer look on how the community that is sowing the new e-commerce era works.

Brands and wholesale distributors will be able to connect their retailers and manage together the online sells giving them support in matter of structure and processes. Brands can create their own official stores and also invite their distributors to participate as logistics planners, making the retailers involve as pick up points. Retailers will be able to join official stores or sell in an independent way.

Choose your roll and  get a closer look.

Brands and Manufactures

Sell your own products by publishing directly online or through your commercial channel.

Wholesale Distributor

Sell your wholesale products through your retail sellers.

Retail Seller

Sell and publish the products you previously bought to brands o wholesale distributors.

PickUp Points

Works as a pick up store of the products sell through e-commerce, published by brands o wholesale distributors.

Official Store Operator

Certified Partners